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Do distal relations cause more distrust?

Whoever trusts in his own heart is stupid, But the one who walks in wisdom will escape. Proverbs 28:26

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In this age of tele-media ("distal media"), relational distance may induce the idea of, or be similar to, separation and worry. In a child, separation from the protecting mother may signal lack of security - support, causing worry or fear. For couples, separation or distance, may induce similar feelings. To a pregnant woman, mother, or one in a long distance relationship, separation may "mean" loss of support. "Loss of support" may cause worry and jealousy.

A man's distal relations with another woman, chitchats on the internet, may indicate to his wife an emotional affair. An emotional involvement may become a risk of leaving for the woman on the internet; losing his support, that may make the wife jealous. The "internet woman" is seemingly withholding sexual relations at a distance; that, in the wife's mind, may be perceived as that internet woman having more fidelity; and thus, he may fall in love with her and leave. The opposite may hold if the husband would be having a sexual affair close by; his wife may not become as jealous- since in her mind, he would be having a mere sexual fling with an infidel- who he would, more likely than not, leave to return to his wife. In the wife's mind, he probably would not fall in love with a woman engaged in sexual infidelity.

The difference between distal - emotional infidelity and proximal - physical - sexual infidelity in making woman and man jealous seems obvious. If he is not close to the other woman sexually, worry and jealousy may be there that he may fall in love and leave her. If she would be having a distal - emotional relation with another man may not make him as jealous than if she would become proximal - physical - sexual with the another man.

How often does one see a partner's cell phone being seized, or internet contacts monitored? Now, imagine another borderline paranoid scenario; internet sensors would monitor feelings (based on cell phone recorded volume, pitch, word choice, tone, etc.) and sexual arousal distally-- spying on one another's distal and proximal relations-- no longer justifying the paranoia by seizing and reviewing the partner's contacts- but now raising tele-media flags about risk of jealousy and may be breakups!

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