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College friends learn they are half-sisters: Do they want to meet their bio dad?

Two college friends are in a state of shock after finding out that they are half-sisters with the same sperm-donor father, MSNBC and the Today Show reported Friday.

Mikayla Stern-Ellis, 19, and Emily Nappi, 18, chose to go to school in the same college hundreds of miles away from their respective homes. The pair are friends, look alike and love acting. They recently found out that they share the same biological father who donated sperm to their mothers.

“I already tell her I love her and it’s been two weeks,” Emily told TODAY’s Matt Lauer on Friday.

“It’s just really, really cool to gain more family,” added Mikayla.

Social media meeting

The teenagers met on Facebook a year ago when they were in the roommate search
process at Tulane University in New Orleans. The pair noticed they had much in common.

They didn’t wind up being roommates but they stayed in touch over Facebook. Shortly after starting school, Emily noticed that Mikayla posted about her “Colombian sperm donor.” That’s when something clicked with Emily because she too was conceived with sperm from an Colombian donor.

“When she posted that status, I thought that’s too much of a coincidence,” Emily told the Today Show.

At first the college friends joked that it could be the same man, but then they began to wonder about the uncanny similarities: Besides the love of the theater both were raises in California and have similar tastes in clothes. In fact Mikayla bought a fleece jacket on a Black Friday shopping trip only to later find out Emily had bought the identical jacket.

The girls’ sperm donor is identified by a unique number. Over the Christmas break, the college pals got the numbers from their mothers and were shocked to see that they matched.

“I wanted so badly to scream,” recalled Mikayla, who was at a doctor’s office when she heard the news. “It was mind blowing.”

“I panicked,” Emily recalled. “I freaked out… I started running around the house screaming and telling everybody.”

As you might imagine, the girls have become a lot closer over the past month.

Do they want to meet their sperm donor?

Mikayla would like to meet him but Emily says she is curious what he looks like, but doesn’t want to want to meet him.

Understandably the attention the college friends turned sisters is getting after this revelation has been overwhelming for the teenagers and equally understandingly, the jury is still out on whether they will ever meet their biological father.

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