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Do Breaks in Relationships Work?

Taking a break from a relationship will either make or break the foundation of your love.
Taking a break from a relationship will either make or break the foundation of your love.

You and your honey are having problems; would a break from the relationship help? For some people it is good to go out and do their own thing for a bit but you shouldn’t classify it as a break in the relationship. Not only is this a possibly permanent thing but some of the people cheering for you two to fail will know you are having problems if you make it public.

To put a status on your relationship as ‘on a break’ could send the wrong kind of signal. Sure you may not care what others think but what would you do if people came out of the woodwork to start trying to get with your honey? If you two are set on wanting a break there are a few things you must talk about before taking action.

  1. Are you allowed to see other people?
  2. Are there limitations on what can or can’t be done? For example, how would you feel if he/she went to a strip club? How would you feel if they got a job at a strip club?
  3. Are you making it public or are you keeping it to yourselves?
  4. How long do you think it will last? It is hard to get an exact date but sometimes it helps to keep perspective if you say “okay we will try a break for 7 days and evaluate ourselves after the 7 day mark”.

For some people a break in a relationship works, while others it destroys everything they have built together. Think before acting on the decision of going on a break. Make sure to talk every last detail together before making any rash decisions. In some cases when a couple goes on a break, they never come back from it. Sometimes the break makes them grow apart and they forget who they were when you two were together. Then again some people claim it brought them closer than ever before so the choice is really up to you.

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