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Do bodybuilders need stretch mark creams?

Stretch Marks From Bodybuilding
Stretch Marks From Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders do tend to get stretch marks just for working out so much. This is because when they are doing their bodybuilding routines. They are actually stretching their skin out extensively and this is the very thing that does promote the presence of stretch marks.

Therefore, they do need to stretch mark creams for two reasons. What are these two reasons? One reason is to use it as a preventive measure to avoid getting stretch marks and the other is to treat any existing stretch marks that they may already have from continued bodybuilding non-stop.

Exactly where on the body does bodybuilders get stretch marks?

Bodybuilders can get stretch marks anywhere on their body. However, since they do work out with barbells and other equipment to pump up their arms and upper body, they can get them on their arms a great deal. Sometimes, stretch marks can even be located up underneath the arms, and with this said no more needs to be said. Bodybuilders can get stretch marks wherever their muscles are rapidly building up fast.

Is prevention the best medicine for bodybuilding stretch marks?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. This is because once bodybuilders do get stretch marks. He or she does have to deal with the ugly reality of them amid their fabulous muscles. Therefore, the best offense is a good defense from the start, and prevention of stretch marks is indeed the best alternative. One good prevention of stretch marks tip is to take multivitamins and minerals to help supplement your body every day.

What is the one simple fact that does go along with hard-training body building?

The simple truth is this. No matter how much prevention you do about stretch marks. You may still end up developing stretch marks anyhow somewhere down the line. They are a reality that does go along with the area of body building in general. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid stretch marks, they do end up finding you all the same. Therefore, do accept the fact that they can happen, and then go on from there to treat them effectively if you do get them.

What is one important tip to apply to reduce the presence of bodybuilding stretch marks?

The answer is this. You should do your very best to eat a very well-balanced diet daily. Secondly, you should make sure to avoid doing any very heavy bulking during the off season. This is because stretch marks are often associated with allowing yourself to grow too fast with lots of adipose tissue.

You should make a solid plan to do what as a bodybuilder?

You need to make a definite, as well as, totally solid plan to put on nothing but pounds of pure lean muscle. This is because if you put on nothing but pounds, you will have to lose them later on, and this is the only way to truly look healthy and ripped. Packing on the pounds, and getting too bulked up is not good, and it can draw the stretch marks to you like flies.


Bodybuilders do indeed need the presence of stretch mark creams around them. This is because they are subject to get stretch marks from bodybuilding at the end of the day. Using stretch mark creams can be done to be a preventive measure and also a form of treatment to fade away any existing stretch marks that they may have.

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