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Do as Allah says, not as he does

Yahweh, the angry god
Yahweh, the angry god

In an article in the Lake Houston Observer, the author discusses anger management through religion. Specifically, the muslim religion, known the world over for its patience and skills at managing anger peacefully. Sure, those are stereotypes, but they are very loud stereotypes that we see played out often on the news. This article isn't about the angry muslims who hate us for our freedom though. It's about someone else who doesn't exist. It's about Allah.

One has only to look at the old testament for clear signs that the god of the big 3 modern day monotheisms isn't the best source of advice when it comes to anger management. In genesis 6, Yahweh decides he doesn't like the people he made any more, especially the hybrid offspring of two groups that he himself created, so he decided to kill everyone except for the family that grovelled to him the most. The lesson here is that you should control your anger as long as the target of your anger grovels to you, and don't forgive anyone else.

Genesis 11 tells the story of a bully knocking over a smaller person's sandcastle. Actually, it's the story of the tower of Babel. It's been said that the tower angered Yahweh because it was an attempt to reach heaven, but that's not in the text at all. It shows Yahweh noticing that the people can do anything they put their minds to, so he decided to get together with the rest of the early Jewish pantheon and mess it all up. The lesson here is that if someone is a threat to you, you should sabotage their progress.

Yahweh kills a lot of babies in Exodus 11. He didn't do it because he was in a good mood.

It may be said that it's a bit funny to go to the bible for examples of the muslim god's anger, but muslims go by the old testament just as much as jews and christians do, maybe even more than the christians. There may be some verses in the Qur'an about how muslims should temper their anger, but the god who commands them to is a complete hypocrite, judging by his actions and his commands in the old testament.