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Do animals foretell comings events?

Our pets are more than an extension of our family; they are many times at the pinnacle of the family. And so it is no surprise when an emergent situation arises and they are there with a keen eye and sometimes the correct answer. Recently there have been articles regarding the animals of Yellowstone leaving the Nation Park due (in some beliefs) to earthquake activity. While if we pay attention to any natural disaster, we hear of animals who seem to be acting strangely or doing something really quite unusual just prior to an event. Is this a foretelling of the event?

Animals do seem to be a little closer to the pulse of our earth, than we as people are. However, perhaps it is just that they have developed a more keen sense of touch. The truth is we don’t know for sure which is true. Here are some thoughts of this phenomena; Some dogs can smell cancer, prior to diagnosis by a physician, some animals (both dogs and cats) know when a person is going to have a seizure, many wild animals or birds know when a tornado is coming, prior to forecasts, to name a few. We spend thousands of dollars to have a dog trained to provide eye sight for a blind person or provide living assistance for a person with in depend living challenges so they can remain in their own home. And in some cases the pet in the situation seems to meet these needs without any formal training. This is especially important and confounding when the animal seems to know exactly what a child with Autism needs. Perhaps animals are more entered connected to the earth and us than we have acknowledged.

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