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Do angels and out of body experiences substantiate a spiritual existence?

Are out of body experiences evidence of existence on another dimensional plain?  The evidence suggests so.

The only publication that gives a road map of expectations concerning what to expect at and after death is the Bible. There are specifics outlined for not only what happens to a believer, but what happens to someone not believing.

Since Jesus is the Author and Finisher of the faith, Christ articulated many parables concerning the mysteries of the truth which were a little too complex for even His disciples to grasp. Jesus would then share parables on the finer points of the truth in order to help the disciples understand a spiritual reality.

The parable of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus provides one interesting reality about death and shared how the angels carried Lazarus to "Abraham's bosom", also known as Paradise, at the conclusion of the beggar's life. Angels carrying Lazarus to Paradise offers evidence that angels are present at death to escort believers to their spiritual destination.

God is no respecter of persons nor shows partiality. Since Lazarus had an angelic escort, then it would seem logical that angels are present at every believer's transition from physical to the spiritual realm. Nothing is mention about the death of an unbeliever, however if Lucifer attempts to counterfeit everything that God has ordained, then Lucifer's demonic spirits would transition unbelievers to their final destination.

All one would need to do would be to inspect the observations of clergy, doctors, nurses, police, or those that respond to emergencies to see that there are consistent stories regarding those dying that are believers or non-believers.

When a warrior of God's truth reaches the end, there is a greater peace and tranquility to the passing. According to Bible descriptions, those that pass on "sleep" and await the day of their promised awakening. There are multiple examples of saints that have passed on being mentioned as "sleeping".

The apostle Paul writes that to "die is gain", and to be "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". This substantiates that a better and more profitable existence is waiting for those that accept and believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus makes the bold proclamation that "if you believe in Me, you shall never die". The Blessed Hope is a cornerstone doctrine of Christian denominations that have not forsaken that promise of Jesus' return.

However even the secular evidence gathered points to the stark reality warned about in the Bible, of going on to heaven or hell. There are countless stories of those being in terror at the realization they are dying. The sensation of falling into blackest darkness or being tormented by demons validates the possibility that Satan's demonic hordes are present at death in order to claim the soul bound for the infernal regions.

People without faith at death contort their facial expressions to grotesques expressions of horror as though their final moment was the worst of any possibility. It is a stark contrast even at the funeral of a Christian that has passed on with hope while the hopeless die in despair. In lieu of a celebratory atmosphere at a believer's funeral, the final sendoff to those rejecting Christ is typically morbid and dreary.

The preponderance of evidence concerning both camps that believe or do not believe in God at death displays compelling circumstantial data that points to something taking place at the end of life. Regardless of religion there is a consistent theme to those that have been at the brink of death and for some reason were allowed to return. Out of body experiences where unconscious people could vividly reveal what was going on have been documented in the thousands.

Scoffers naturally claim hallucinations under drugs or the reaction of the brain breaking down chemically are the reasons,but how can one recall with such clarity scenes and even conversations when they were clinically dead?

The dimension of the spirit world is probably a closer reality than than those who walk strictly by their understanding are willing to admit. Advanced physics string theorists postulate that multiple dimensions existing in the same plain which we live in our three dimensional experience is quite probable.

Albert Einstein said, "the, that is real science."

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