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Do American Catholics suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

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In every newsworthy situation in America, there is a PC catchphrase which makes everyone discussing the topic go hush. In the Bowe Bergdahl case, the hushing effect comes from the catchphrase 'Stockholm Syndrome.' It is the end all, and be all, of allowances for all of his odd, unpatriotic, and erratic behavior.

Could this very same phrase be used for the behavior of American Catholics in the past 50 years?

After all, like Bergdahl, American Catholics have been held within the captivity of a popular society determined to shed Judaeo-Christian morality, determined to become secularist, progressive, and postmodern in every way. Though not held at gunpoint, like Bergdahl, American Catholics have been held captive through public school education, progressive infiltration of Catholic catechesis, and the seductive sway of the popular culture.

In the Stockholm Syndrome, the captive takes on the beliefs and lifestyle of his, or her, captives.

American Catholics have done the very same.

American Catholics abort and use contraception, they divorce and remarry, they vote Pro-Choice and accept gay 'marriage' just as much as their non-Catholic peers, neighbors, employees, and bosses. American Catholics, moreover, ignore, mock, and disrespect the Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church even more!

Non Catholics, moreover, don't usually believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Non Catholics usually don't pray to Mary, and have negative, or indifferent, attitudes toward the Rosary. And non-Catholics certainly don't go to sacramental confession.

But, truth be told, a majority of Catholics feel the same exact way.

So, can all of this be blamed on the captors? Can some of this, or most of this, be blamed on the Catholics themselves? Or, is there some PC catchphrase that someone will throw at me, hushing me into silence?