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Do a two foot hop on ice skates

Colorado Springs ice skating 101 is a series of ice skating tips written by Jo Ann Schneider-Farris, Colorado Springs Ice Skating Examiner. Jo Ann began skating as a young child and has coached figure skating in California, and then in Colorado Springs, since 1983.

Today's ice skating tip is about how to do a basic two foot hop on ice skates. New ice skaters find it especially fun and challenging to do a small two foot jump in the air.

Here's how:

  1. First, jump in place.
  2. Stand in the middle of an ice rink on two feet with your arms and hands stretched in front of you.
  3. Next, bend both knees.
  4. Now, jump in the air.
  5. Land on the front of your skates and bend your knees as you land.
  6. Jump in place over and over again.
  7. Next, try the same two foot hop jump while moving forward.
  8. Have fun!


  • Wear gloves and a helmet.
  • Try to not let your hands and arms to swing around as you jump in the air.
  • Don't allow your arms to fly above your head as you jump.
  • If you think that you are about to fall, bend your knees and squat into a dip position.
  • When doing the jump while moving, land a bit on the back of the skate and allow yourself to glide forward a bit when you land on the ice.

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