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Do 18-20 Year Olds Have Gun Rights? – U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case

Lt. Audie Murphy - 19 -years-old - most decorated soldier in World War II
Photo Credit - Wikipedia

They can go to war and fight and die for the United States of America, but the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear a case that states they have Second Amendment rights, according to USA Today. The court denial dealt with a Texas law which does not allow young adults to carry a gun in public while the federal law does not allow individuals 18 to 20 years-old buy handguns from legal licensed dealers.

The slow but seemingly encroachment upon the landscape of Second Amendment rights is not by accident. Gun control advocates have been working overtime to place road blocks and create barriers for legal gun rights. Yet, young adults have the ability to go to war, carry weapons and fight and yes even die in order to secure the safety of the nation. Somehow the U.S. Supreme Court missed this crucial point.

For young people and especially young soldiers in harm’s way, this is more than a sinister outrage, that the nation’s high court has leveled against these Americans, It also flies directly in the face of American History where 17, 18, 19 and 20 year-old U.S. soldiers were some of the most decorated heroes since the Revolutionary War.

In fact, out of the millions of noble American heroes that went to fight against Nazism and the Imperial Empire of Japan, the most decorated U.S. Soldier of War World II was 19-year-old Audie Murphy. According to the U.S. Supreme Court this teenage soldier who was awarded every single U.S. military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, had no Second Amendment right to carry and use a weapon. So was his award of the Medal of Honor for defending against intense German field troops in 1945 a mirage and he was somehow unfit?

The Second Amendment is not just under attack in terms of depriving gun rights for young adults, but the war against Americans who legally carry guns is being fought out in states like Illinois which just saw the 7th Circuit appeals court panel strike down an Illinois law that severely restricted the rights of legal gun owners to carry guns in the public by as requiring a demonstrated need to carry a gun, whether concealed or in plain sight, reported USA Today.

It is therefore crucial that those who stand by the Second Amendment be very vigilant not just in making certain that their own rights are not shackled by their states but that those who are elected in 2014 to Congress are not committed to stripping those constitutional rights as well.

How ironic that both the case and America’s most decorated soldier both originated in the heart of Texas!

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