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DNR website makes it easy to comment on State Forest Management Plans

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Each year the Michigan Department of Natural Resources inventories a portion of the state forest land in the state and through a new program users of the areas can comment on just what the plans are for the forests.

Called the Local Input on State Forests, residents now have a way to influence the decisions made by the DNR.

A case in point is the review of the Pigeon River Country State Forest in northern Michigan. With the review underway an informational public meeting is being held, but for those that cannot be on hand, this new program will allow them to follow the progress of the review and any management changes being made.

By going to the DNR forest management, planning and participation webpage, users can select one of the state forests and then find out information about it.

Also added is an email system that allows users to subscribe to receive information from the DNR about all facets of what the agency does, from state parks and trails to recreation areas and more.

There is also a complete listing of all the Forest Management Unit offices across the state which when selected will take you to the home page of the unit.

This web based system provides a wealth of information for users with maps, contact phone numbers and email addresses of the Unit Managers.

In the case of the Pigeon River Country State Forest, when you click on the link, you will find information on the current management plan, equestrian and hiking trails, campgrounds and more. In the past, trying to find this information could at times prove frustrating, but with this system it is as easy as pointing and clicking.

So take the chance to provide input into the areas of the state that you love, but which you cannot make the trip to for public meetings. It is a way to make your voice heard when decisions are made in managing the lands that every Michigan residents has had a hand in owning.

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