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DNC sends dishonest propaganda on Valentine's Day

The pathetic Democrat Party uses Valentine's Day to push an element of its pathetic “war on women” propaganda. The Democrats via their twitter account tweeted “Republicans say they want to be friendly to women, but the #RealGOPValentine they're sending says something else” then linked to the graphic shown with this article.

Democrats Valentine's Day propaganda
Weasel Zippers

The graphic, as shown, says “Dear Women, keeping those libidos in check should be easy since you're going to be working 23% more to make the same amount of money as men. Do we have your vote? Love, the GOP.”

This is based on that cliched, and totally debunked claim that women make 77 cents of the men's dollar, which is has been repeated for decade by liberal and progressive Democrats yet it has been repeatedly also completely debunked and it's entirely false.

But this is typical of the left, to keep repeating lies in hopes that someone will believe them, not matter how intellectually dishonest or proven untrue or totally discredited the lies are. Liberals can't complete in the marketplace of ideas, and don't even make the effort to do so, they tell giant lies and hope everyone will believe them.

This pathetic Valentine's Day thing is yet another example. But, this approach seems to work, because the low-information voters eat it up.

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