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DNC fundraising email exerpt

America Rejects
America Rejects

Organizing for America, the grassroots portion of the Democratic National Committee's, email fundraising campaign said the following in an effort to motivate people to give and to volunteer:

When the dust settles after election night, we'll wake up to one of two realities.

Democrats in Congress could return to Washington to continue moving America forward.

Or this fall's crop of extremist Republican candidates could be in charge, unafraid to shut down the government or jam up the gears of progress.

I can't agree with the DNC's statement more...when the dust settles after election night, We The People will wake up in a different reality than we're facing today. What conservatives everywhere are concerned about is that we won't wake up from our current nightmare and the Democrats in Congress really will return to Washington and keep moving America forward; right off the cliff. All the more important for every America-loving citizen to get out and vote so we can undo some of the damage the Progressives, both Republican and Democrat, have inflicted on our nation.

These so-called extremist Republican candidates are merely wanting the Constitution to be applied as written, that big government will stop trying to be the answer to America's problems and that the free market will be allowed to be free rather than adopting "centrally planned capitalism", a.k.a., socialism. Ronald Reagan's words are still true, "Government is the problem".

God Bless America!


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