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DMX to George Zimmerman: 'If I fight you I'll go to jail'

DMX on stage
Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

According to TMZ, rapper DMX says he would probably be arrested if he stepped into the ring with George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman recently agreed to a celebrity boxing match, as he will paid to fight with whoever steps up to the challenge. Two rappers, The Game and DMX have been the first to offer up their names as potential competitors.

TMZ reports DMX saying if he was chosen he'd do it "for every black person that has ever been done wrong by the system."

The rapper goes on to describe the details of the fight, saying that he would "break every rule in boxing and beat the living crap out of him." Zimmerman will most likely be particular about the celebrity he chooses to fight, especially about whether or not they will allow the opponent to be African American.

Earlier this week The Game said he would also fight Zimmerman and he would take much pleasure in doing so.

It is unknown at this point where the celebrity fight between George Zimmerman and another celebrity will take place.

Zimmerman will reportedly be donating any earnings from the fight on March 1 to a charity of his choice. Damon Feldman is reported to be the promotor who is organizing the upcoming fight between Zimmerman and an unknown competitor.

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