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DMX and celebrity vigilantism

George Zimmerman's Mugshot

It’s safe to say that 2014 will be a year of record-breaking activities. The public is observing record-setting weather, new technology and celebrity vigilantism at its worst. Over the course of the last week a boxing promoter orchestrated a match between the infamous George Zimmerman and the even more infamous DMX.

The announcement began with a call for an opponent as the promoter challenged celebrities to get into the ring with Zimmerman. Although DMX and his staff never confirmed that they had accepted the challenge, the promoter quickly began to discuss plans for the fight. After a public outcry, a petition with a lengthy amount of names and an Internet uproar, the fight was hastily canceled.

The promoter, Damon Feldman, discussed canceling the fight in a press conference on Saturday, February 8th. While the audacity of orchestrating the fight is hard to understand, the idea of a celebrity vigilante is almost as surprising. It seemed that the world, or at least the Internet, was torn between scoffing at the fight in general and scoffing at the choice of opponent.

There were long threads of comment sections that discussed the weight differences and probable agility of DMX as compared to George Zimmerman. Some users even debated whether or not Zimmerman would embarrass the 44-year-old rapper. Although the public will never see the fight, the week-long whirlwind of discussion serves as an interesting report card for society at large.

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