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DMNS free day follow-up


  XcelEnergy's Brandee B.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 was the Denver Museum of Nature & Science free day.  The museum opened at 9:00 am and by 8:30 am the line took up the entire concrete sidewalk.  Families, Colorado residents and people from all over the world communed to DMNS to take part in the intensely exciting exhibits.  

As previously mentioned, the majority of exhibits were free with IMAX, the Planetarium and Body Worlds being the exclusions.  As the doors opened, people flooded to both the ticket line and main part of the museum.  Tickets for Body Worlds and the IMAX were snatched up like hot cakes and by 2:30 pm, Body Worlds’ last remaining show time was 3:30 pm (there were roughly 30 total show times for the day). 

 XcelEnergy's Jason G.

Throughout the museum, presentations and tours were conducted.  The plastic pot recycling table was near the entrance of the museum with an interactive and informative energy consumption exhibit in the rear of the first floor.  

It’s difficult to say how much was recycled during the free day but people were most definitely educated about the environment.  Probably the most popular of the special Earth Day exhibits was the XcelEnergy “booth”.  The presenters hosted fun activities such as tossing green-dyed bundles of clothes into a hallowed cardboard washer and riding a bicycle to produce electricity for light bulbs.  For the clothes toss, people were asked questions like “Does changing your thermostat to 68 degrees save energy? (Answer is ‘yes’).”  After five questions, people could toss a chunk of clothes into the washer and earn themselves an energy efficient light bulb.

As for riding the bicycle to produce energy, the activity was meant to demonstrate how much energy it takes to light an incandescent light bulb compared to a CFL.  Obviously, the CFL’s were easier to light.

Throughout the rest of the museum, visitors could learn about mummies, space, gems, Colorado animals, Colorado history and participate in fun scavenger hunts in order to win 4 IMAX or Museum tickets.

More Earth Day exhibits were presented outside at the museum’s entrance.  The RnE2EW vehicle showed off its compact wind turbine, solar panel system and a small Ferris Wheel powered by solar energy


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