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DJ Mustard releases new cut 'Vato', and YG talks meeting producer for first time

DJ Mustard drops new cut 'Vato'
via XXL Magazine and DJ Mustard's Soundcloud

If you’ve been consistently dialing into your favorite radio station on a regular basis, make no question about it, you’ve become all so familiar with the infamous “Mustard on the beat ho” intro drop, a tag which has been heard a million times around the world and has rang clear at your local neighborhood house parties and go-to nightspots, always followed with an infectious beat to get your 'turnt-up' bashes up and running. Take it from DJ turned producer, Dijon McFarlane (also where Mustard’s music name derives from), also known to the music world as DJ Mustard, who seems to know exactly what musical ingredients it takes to churn out some certified hits.

McFarlane, who transformed overnight from regular turn-tablist to beat-maker in 2010, had an astonishing breakout year in 2013 and was well-received on nearly every Hip-Hop and Rap chart, topped with gold and platinum singles released by Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz (“I’m Different”), Kid Ink’s “Show Me” single (with Chris Brown) and West Coast native YG’s street banger “My N****a.” It was the latter though, which has made him an household name, and as a result, he’s fully capitalizing off all the hoopla and hype, as he will play a crucial part in the forthcoming debut release of YG’s heavily anticipated LP, My Krazy Life, slated to hit retail and digital outlets on Tuesday, March 18th. The 23 year-old producer and 24 year-old rapper met through a leap of faith – a ‘homey’ initiation if you will – and the young gunner has turned that chance opportunity into an extraordinary success story, to say the least. Now, years removed since their introduction to one another, the pair remains inseparable till this day, even teaming up on the business side of things, and continuing to create that brilliant studio magic, as evident on the newest album – in which to no surprise – Mustard produced a bulk of.

Serving up early cuts to the likes of J.Lo and Trey Songz all appear to be a bit of tease for his very own material set to make its mark later this year, as Mustard has rallied up a couple of his industry comrades and puts his signature sound to the test, laying down another heater for his frequent collaborator YG, who is joined by up-and-comer Que (whose hit “OG Bobby Johnson” has the streets going crazy) and CTE head-honcho Young Jeezy. Their collaboration “Vato,” for which the title is being used here as a term of endearment (along the lines of YG’s single), may sound like an apparently [obvious] carbon-copy of YG’s platinum single – and there’s no disputing this for that matter – but for whatever reason or another, well, we can’t stop listening to what Mustard constantly cooks up.

Will that Dijon run dry for our taste soon enough? Who knows, really? But until the jig is finally up, throngs of avid Hip Hop fans will continue to be plastered to their speakers, and patiently waiting to hear what new or rehashed culinary skills he’s mastered in the lab next time. Stream his latest single here and head here to see YG speak on linking up with DJ Mustard on the newest installment of Snoop Dogg’s GGN web-series on Youtube.

YG's 'My Krazy Life' is now available via pre-order on iTunes (out March 18th).

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