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DJ Jasmine Solano opens up about keeping the party going & W New York - Downtown

DJ Jasmine Solano at the W New York - Downtown Party on August 9, 2014.
DJ Jasmine Solano at the W New York - Downtown Party on August 9, 2014.
King Texas

Summer may be almost over, but things are heating up at W New York - Downtown and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The hottest new DJ has been firing up turntables this past month in the Living Room Bar & Terrace and will be back again in September.The monthly party, put on by DJ Jasmine Solano and had the chance to chat with the young DJ about her experience at the W Hotel party, and how she keeps the party going! Read the full interview below, learn more about Solano and see where she is going to be at next by clicking here, and make sure to come out to the next party on September 13. W New York Downtown is located at 123 Washington St, New York, NY 10006.

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): How are you?

Jasmine Solano: “Busy, yet good!"

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): How long have been DJ-ing?

Jasmine Solano: “Since I was 17, so over a decade now."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): You’ve Dj-ed in Paris, London, and Singapore, but what can you say about the energy that New York has?

Jasmine Solano: “New York City is truly the melting pot. People from all walks of life clash together to create the unexpected."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): How does the club scene differ from the international party scene, if at all?

Jasmine Solano: “The international party scene is wild. Between festivals, underground clubs and music events worldwide - I feel like I’ve seen it all!"

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): How has it been to be able to work with W Hotels and how did that come about?

Jasmine Solano: “W New York - Downtown has been a pleasure to work with. The staff understands Katie Longmyer (from Good Peoples) and my vision, which is to bring an energy and vibe to the hotel on Saturday nights that melds top DJs, eclectic music, fashion and fun."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): What can party goers expect when they come out for the weekly parties?

Jasmine Solano: “Our party at W Downtown is now monthly and people can expect a ton of dancing. My favorite part of ‘Downtown Saturday Night’ is that there are no wallflowers."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): In many areas of creative talent, such as the music industry, radio, and sports, there is a level of competition among those in that arena, is the DJ arena competitive?

Jasmine Solano: “Of course! Everyone is always out to show and prove. It’s written in the DNA of DJing. That’s what makes you constantly better."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): What DJ’s do you look up to?

Jasmine Solano: “MeLo-X, N* from Nina Sky, Max Glazer."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): What advice would you give to potential hopefuls who want to do this for a living?

Jasmine Solano: “Learn your craft first. Work harder. Stay true to yourself."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): What has been one of your favorite events from this past summer?

Jasmine Solano: “I’d have to say performing at Glastonbury Festival in England with MeLo-X for our duo Electric Punanny this past June. There are no words for how crazy that festival gets."

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): Lastly, where can party goers find you next?

Jasmine Solano: “I have a gig with Doc Marten this week, performing at Afropunk Festival this weekend, Fashion Week will be packed and, of course, at the next ‘Downtown Saturday Night’ at W Downtown on Sept. 13th. We’ll be wrapping up Fashion Week there with a huge blowout celebration."

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