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DJ Earworm spinning out CPR with mashups

DJ Earworm is more than a platter spinner; he is spinning out his message with mashups to promote hands-only CPR
DJ Earworm is more than a platter spinner; he is spinning out his message with mashups to promote hands-only CPR
DJ Earworm and Robin Wulffson, MD

DJ Earworm is more than a platter spinner; he is spinning out his message with mashups to promote hands-only CPR. For the uninitiated, mashups are video composites hooked up with a catchy tune. In one of his mashups, the popular Bee Gees tune, Stain’ Alive, is paced at 100 beats per minute, which is the proper rate to administer CPR. Appropriate matchup, no?

DJ Earworm has produced a number of mashups, and when an opportunity arose to produce them to promote CPR, he jumped at the opportunity, joining forces with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Wellpoint Foundation. Earworm noted that each year, more than 420,000 cardiac arrests occur in the United States, with 90% of those stricken dying as a result. In addition, 80% occur in private residences. Thus, if one learns the basics of CPR, the technique may be used to save the life of a loved one. Although, instituting in CPR is often not successful for the saving of a life, it is far better than doing nothing.

I recounted an up-close-and-personal experience I had with CPR with Earworm. As a physician, I was required to take regular CPR courses; I never had a chance to practice my skills until I was on a cruise with my family. We were enjoying our dinner when my son said, “Dad, something’s wrong with the man at the table behind you.” I turned around and noted a man tilted back in his chair; his wife was blowing puffs of air into his mouth. Two other couples sat at the table—doing absolutely nothing. My son and I placed the man on the deck and I began CPR. Shortly thereafter, the ship’s doctor and a nurse arrived and took over. The poor man didn’t make it. However, if his wife or one of his table-mates knew even the rudiments of CPR, he would have had a better chance. It is not unusual to be unfamiliar with CPR, and sadly, it is not unusual for people to not even call out for help.

The basics of CPR can be learned in a matter of minutes at this AHA link. You owe it to yourself—and your loved ones—to view it.

DJ Earworm’s first breakout radio hit, “United State of Pop 2007” mashed-up 25 of the biggest pop hits of that year sending a buzz throughout the blogosphere and music industry as it climbed to number 71 on the CHR/Top 40 charts. The following year’s “United State of Pop 2008 (Viva la Pop)” marked the first time he created a video for the song – it rose to #58 on the charts and has reached nearly 11 million YouTube views, bringing commissions to produce mashups for Lady Gaga and Maroon 5.

Keeping with tradition, Earworm released “United State of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the Pop)” a truly global sensation, peaking at #50 on the charts and surpassing over 40 Million YouTube views since its release. It was a busy year as the record labels hired him to produce mashups for Sean Kingston and Annie Lennox, Capital FM Radio commissioned him to create a “Summertime Ball” mashup for their annual Wembley Stadium Concert and he was invited as a guest speaker at the IDEA Conference New York City. That year the San Francisco Bay Guardian named earworm 2009’s “Best Electronic Music Act”.

2010 saw Earworm produce and perform a special mashup in Johannesburg South Africa for the Champions League T20 Cricket Tournament as well as create commissioned mashups for Coca-Cola, Vevo and several others. He was hired to produce a mashup for Nelly Furtado and a few months later “United State of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop the Pop)” was released and it too was an instant hit, rising to #45 on the CHR Radio Pop Charts and already garnering over 15 Million YouTube views.

In 2011 he won two Sony Radio Academy Awards: Gold (Best single promo/commercial) and Silver (Best promotional/Ad Campaign) for his mashup video “Like, OMG Baby” which was a radio hit in Europe and has nearly 11 million YouTube views. He scored yet another radio hit with his summer release of “Party on the Floor” (created for London’s Capital FM Radio), which charted in the U.S. has done even better in the U.K. and Europe and has reached 7 million views.

The same year he was approached by Disney to do a remix for the “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” soundtrack and was once again invited to speak on the mashup genre, this time at a Penn State University sponsored TEDx event. In September he brought his talents to NBC as a musical consultant for a special mashup “megamix” episode of their TV show “The Sing-Off”.

2012 saw him achieve his greatest accomplishment to date as he was commissioned by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to create custom mashups for the 2012 Olympics. These mashups were played at stadium venues throughout the U.K. and he was also invited to perform live at the games for the Boxing and Field Hockey Gold Medal rounds.

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