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DJ Colette at Glo Lounge Dallas Dec.18 2009

DJ Colette at Glo Lounge Dec.18
DJ Colette at Glo Lounge Dec.18
Glo Lounge Dallas

Word of the Day: Music

On Friday of December 18, 2009 DJ Colette from Chicago Illinois’s Smart Bar appeared at Glo Lounge in Dallas for performance. Location 2323 Henderson, Dallas Tx

           What does Music look like? Shhhhh…….her lips are moving (DJ Colette). She’s a petite, tiny woman from Chicago Illinois with long blonde hair that hangs straight and heavy, falling to mid back with a section tied off into a braid at the side of her face. It lays there still and only moves when she adjusts her headset, her lips singing against a black, plastic mouthpiece. She stands 5’4" behind an intimidating DJ booth, dwarfed in size by the equipment and speakers, her hands moving quickly while she works. Through the darkness of a crowded club her siren voice calls out, sultry and hypnotic; full of smoke, blending with flashing bright lights as people dance below in the crowd. Everyone in the house is moving, their bodies swept into the music.

Her name is DJ Colette, Colette Marino, and OM Records First Lady of the House. She’s a House music DJ and vocalist/ former music teacher with operatic training that has been compared to the likes of Kylie Minogue, Deborah Harry, and Madonna; her CD releases “Push”, “House of Om", and single “About Us” .
She first gained public attention by singing her own mixes, sometimes even writing them in front of the club impromptu. DJ Colette credits her mixing style and impromptu deliverance to being a part of the Chicago house music scene at the turn of the Nineties, but according to a United Divas interview she started singing with house music when she was 16 or 17.

“To Colette, there is no better rush than the one that comes from improvising in front of a room full of club goers. It's very impromptu when I write a song over a record, many times I'll buy a record that day and when I'm playing it out, that's when I come up with the lyrics," she says laughing. "There's definitely something to be said for a practiced performance, but it's really freeing to just improvise. It's almost like you're one of the people in the party. It's just like dancing; you just feel it and you react to it. It's the same thing for me.” – United Divas

In 2003 with Felix da House Cat and Paul Van Dyke she advertised Motorola Cellular phones. In 2005 her album “Hypnotized was the most downloaded house dance album on Apple Itunes music store. DJ Colette hit the Billboard #1 Dance Club single with her song “What Will She Do For Love.”, and her title tack “Hypnotized” was licensed for the soundtrack of the movie “Devil Wears Prada.” World renowned, performing everywhere from British Columbia, Calgary, Cambridge, Canada, Hollywood, Montreal, Singapore, and recently Dallas Tx at Glo Lounge located of 2323 Henderson Ave.

On December 18 at Glo Lounge in Dallas it was a packed house, fans of DJ Colette gathered around the DJ booth, dancing and snapping pictures, lights flashing as they caught the diva in action. At the end of the night as people filtered out through the club doors Colette came down the floor to hang out and have a few beers with the owner and his employees. Giving hugs to everyone she said she loves Dallas and looks forward to coming back.

Look for DJ Colette and the staff of Glo Lounge on the upcoming cover of D Magazine. For her future events log onto DJ Colette’s Myspace, and for a line-up of Glo Lounges weekly events sign onto or visit Mathew Hubert Sebanc’s Myspace.


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