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DJ Bizzy drops the needle on the sound of summer 2012 with new single 'Do It'

Philly's own DJ Bizzy (born Mark Smith) forged a reputation and career based on his passion for music and the turntables. One of most influential sonic alchemists on the club scene, LA is not only laying claim to being his homebase, but the inspiration for his next groove.

DJ Bizzy (born Mark Smith) talks about his first ever video project for the single "Do It,"  "featuring Prissy and Germ Free.
DJ Bizzy (born Mark Smith) talks about his first ever video project for the single "Do It," "featuring Prissy and Germ Free.
Carlos Mozo
DJ Bizzy (born Mark Smith) unleashes his first music video for the track "Do It," featuring Prissy and Germ Free.
Carlos Mozo

“Music is the creative outlet I have used to express my art to the world,” Bizzy said. “DJ’ng is the way that I have decided to reach out to my generation as well as the ones before and after and joining us all together by cuts, scratches, and mixes, using bass lines, and beats from every genre and era.”

With the release of the single "Do It" this week, Bizzy offers an infectious new take on the summer jam. With its call and response hook, it is takes its retro beats into the 21st century. Watch the video and discover more about the origins of the track in this exclusive Personalities Brief with DJ Bizzy for Examiner:

JORGE CARREON: What was the inspiration for "Do It?"

DJ BIZZY: The hook was a high school cheer that I use to hear at basketball games. The rest of the track was influenced by 80's hip hop such as Run DMC, Rob Base, Slick Rick and MC Lyte.

CARREON: You've managed to keep up with the constant challenge of being ahead of changing tastes in today's music. How does "Do It" represent a step forward for you?

BIZZY: Everything I do in my life is original and I feel like that way of thinking comes across in the music I make. This track represents a new era for me. This is the first video I have ever done with my name attached to it and I really enjoyed the process. I want to release more videos and eventually get into film. As far as the music side, this track represents everything I'm about. Free spirited, not to serious, having fun, and bottom line just do it! This track is putting me into a realm of producing DJ's that know how to break new young artist. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to be able to do so.

CARREON: You're joined on the track with up and comers Prissy and Germ Free. How did they become part of the project?

BIZZY: Well, I guess you can say street art brought me and Germ Free and Prissy together on this track. Germ is an amazing artist and I have been doing art my entire life. When we met we started talking about graffiti. Then after they had my ear they played me some music and I was like hold up you guys can actually rap. I knew this was something I wanted to work on from the moment I heard them spit a line.

CARREON: Now that "Do It" is out in the world, what else is in store for you?

BIZZY: Well, I'm gonna continue working on music with Germ Free and Prissy and with my co-producer Jared Lee Gosselin. We will be releasing new music all summer and through out the year from Pittsburgh Slim, Danny (Dvnny) Seth, Dellara, Tru Wordz, Alex Kisner, and many more under the title "Dj Bizzy feat..."

Personalities Examiner readers can watch the video for "Do It"in the embedded player at the left of this page or at You can also purchase the track on iTunes.

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