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Dj Babu at the Red Fox Tavern


Last night at Eureka’s Red Fox Tavern Dj Babu and Rakaa Iriscience headlined what turned out to be an incredible show for a not so sold out crowd.

Fantastic Fam
Stephen Mercier

Like most venues in the Humboldt area, you can find Red Fox Tavern hosting an array of musical styling each and every week. Formerly Roomers, the bar has seemed to come into itself in the past few years. With a much-improved sound system, speakers reaching from the floor to the ceiling, it makes ear-blasting volume a pleasant experience, not ear splitting and painful like most. With the highs hung from ceiling, mids right in the middle and giant bass speakers resting on the floor, you can get right next to the stage, hear everything clearly and still carry conversations with your friends without having to yell directly in their ear just to ask if they need a drink from the bar.

The show started with local artist, DJ State of Mind opening up with some laid back Hip Hop beats. The stage was set for what turned out to be a real Hip Hop experience. Soon the Fantastik Fam took the stage and began to open minds to the power of family and Hip Hop. Nac One, father/OG of the group laid down a smooth flow with daughter Mystique spitting as if she was a seasoned veteran. Son Señor Sol brought the fire, getting the crowd pumped and lacing us with lyrical flows reminiscent of battle mc’s of the late 80’s with a contemporary context.

Next on the stage was Kahlee. With a refined flow, his rhymes and presentation was that of someone who has been in the game for years. An interesting facet of his show was that there was no DJ backing him, which didn’t detract from his performance at all. He was using a small remote, kept tucked in his pocket to change tracks and insert dramatic pauses throughout his show.

As he left the stage we were soon greeted with the likes of DJ Babu and Rakaa Iriscience. People pushed forward, the temperature began to rise and the stage was set for what would be a great show. Rakaa got the crowd moving as Babu held it down on the tables. As the show went on Babu took over and showcased his turntable talents. At a point he broke it down on a traditional Dialated Peoples beat, beat juggled the track every which way imaginable. This was truly a high point in the evening with everyone’s attention focused on stage. Beat juggling is more difficult then most would imagine. Taking a song, slowing it down and speeding it up to create an entirely different beat, this task is often failed by even the most veteran of DJ’s. To see Babu live, beat juggling to the point that you would swear he was playing all the instruments himself; the moment will live on in all of our minds and hearts for all those true Hip Hop fans that attended the show.

As the night continued Babu ended the show with an hour long set playing some classic hits from the disco era to the conscious Hip Hop revolution 1998 brought us. Bodies were moving, the sounds were smooth, performers were scattered about the crowd, bboys were going off, and it seemed as if all were having a good time. Lights came on, people began to exit, circles of folks from all walks could be found at the exits sharing the excitement the evening brought us. One can only hope the next show at the Red Fox will be just as fresh. Stay tuned as next week Red Fox will be featuring Casual, DJ Quest and a crowd favorite Z-Man on February 5’th.


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