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DJ AM's extensive shoe collection is now on eBay; 100% proceeds to charity

Example of one of the pairs of shoes for auction.
Example of one of the pairs of shoes for auction.

Starting Nov. 15th, you can have the opportunity to own a pair of shoes once owned by DJ AM (Adam Goldstein), who was the premier DJ in the entertainment industry.  In addition to his DJ business, DJ AM partnered with Travis Barker of Blink 182 to perform live DJ/drumming sets.  

He died of a drug overdose earlier this year.   You can find out more about him at the website

100% of the proceeds of the sales from the eBay auctions will go to the DJ AM Memorial Fund, helping others struggling with addiction. 

DJ AM was an avid collector of shoes, owning over 900 pairs including a huge variety of Nike, Adidas, Converse and BAPE.  He was regarded as one of the most premier collectors in the world.  Can you imagine 900+ pairs of shoes?  Wow!

What a great chance to own a piece of history, a great addition to your collection, and even better to do a bit of good with a charitable contribution!

Check out the official site of the DJ AM shoe collection auction on eBay.

New shoes will be added every night through the first week of December.