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DIY Your own Spring

As February winds down, Spring is just around the corner and I think making a few spring filled ideas will make these next 23 days fly by much faster!

Ideas to prepare you for our Spring season ahead!
Jar of Nothing

A Jar of Nothing has one of the cutest repurposing ideas I’ve seen in a long time! She’s taken a fun printed umbrella that was once broken and make a cute swing rain cape, complete with hood! Oh my stars, is it cute! If you have a cute golf-size version, you can replicate this for an adult!

Ceclilia has taken a broken umbrella, left the tiny tips at the points and made a skirt! Image on her blog give a basic idea of a tutorial! If you had just a darling printed, but broken umbrella, this is a cute idea!

Brighten up your view of a rainy day by tackling the interior of a basic umbrella! Pink Stripey Socks has a beautiful galaxy idea! Painting the interior side of your umbrella is such a fun and surprising idea!

As for footwear, there are so many popular brands for Spring! Authentic Sporto duck shoes, LLBean has their own version in boots and shoes. Hunter boots and their colorful selection of rain wellies…there is just a huge variety!

And to wear with your rain boots, one of the EASIEST tutorials I know are making your own boot socks from cute sweater sleeves! Sugar Bee Crafts just illustrates with a photo, but really it’s pretty easy! The cuff part of the sweater is shown at the knee, above your boot cuff! So find a cute thrift sweater! Use the rest to make a nice pillow for your home!

Everyone enjoy some spring crafts together and make winter go on vaca!

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