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DIY weekly meal calendar

Whether you are new at meal planning or have been doing it since your Great Grandmother taught you how years ago you will be able to use this great kitchen accessory.

A weekly meal calendar is a simple frame you can hang on your wall or set up on the counter closest to the fridge- well really anywhere you want. It consists of a decorative picture frame with nice -not too much pattern- paper, and a dry erase marker.

Simply put the paper in the frame and write out your weekly meal plan on the glass with the dry erase marker. This will not only remind you what is for dinner, but it will also help you remember if you need to pull anything out of the freezer before you go to bed.

You can use frames like this anywhere throughout the hosue. It can serve as a to-do list on your desk or as a grocery list reminder. You could even leave sweet notes for your significant other to wake up to. Regardless, it is an inexspensive and genius way to help you remember things without cluttering up your fridge or desk with sticky notes.

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