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DIY Weddings: Make Your Own Centerpieces

Succulents make good plants in centerpieces
Succulents make good plants in centerpieces

The holidays are over and now a new season will begin: wedding planning season! The New Years and Christmas has become a popular time to get engaged. If you are a creative couple or just want to save money, doing a lot of the details of the wedding yourself may be an option to explore. Think about making your own centerpieces.

When making your own centerpieces, use mostly inexpensive materials, but then use a few more expensive materials to give the illusion of being an expensive arrangement. Create the base material with a stout, dry material, that is hearty and can be arranged well ahead of time without dying before the big day. Then the day of your wedding place a few fresh roses, tulips or other more expensive flower into the arrangement. Some different materials and floras you may want to consider for your arrangements are:

  • Succulents or cactus plants.
  • Duct tape flowers or duct tape wrapped containers
  • Second hand jewelry or gem stones
  • Pine cones or rustic wood
  • Origami or handmade pinwheels
  • Seeds, sand or beads
  • Fruit in water
  • Shells, stones and drift wood
  • Paper lanterns
  • Rope or cords
  • Crocheted doilies or other lace, mod-podged into orb shapes

For some references of where to look on the internet for ideas, check out:

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