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DIY Weddings: Cake stand (Photos)

DIY project: Wooden pedestal cake stand
DIY project: Wooden pedestal cake stand

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to save money and bring unique one of a kind pieces into your wedding. The DIY wedding series brings tutorials of completed projects that I made for my own wedding such as hanging paper cranes and pomanders.

DIY wooden pedestal cake stand

There is not a great deal of variety in the cake stand options available on the market today. The majority of them are either clear acrylic tiered stands, or silver embossed stands, with a few rustic tree slice stands added in for good measure. While these stands are nice for some weddings, they don't fit in with every style of wedding, so for those of you looking for something a little different you can try out a wooden pedestal cake stand.

Materials needed: 18 in round wooden panel available at Lowe's, Wooden pillar candle stand available at multiple locations such Michael's or Target, Wooden plaque, Spray Paint, wood screws.

1. Using a ruler and pencil, mark the center point of the round wooden panel.

2. Place the round wooden panel on top of the candle holder, making sure it is centered.

3. Using the drill, screw the two pieces together, securely.

3. Using the drill again, attach the wooden plaque to the base of the candle holder for extra stability.

4.Choose your paint color and type. Spray paint is the easiest and fastest option

5. In a properly ventilated space, spray paint the cake stand, wait a few days and add more coats of paint if needed.

6. This step is optional but you can add more decoration to the stand such as string beads, lace edges or crystal ribbon.


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