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DIY, Statement Photos for Your Home Decor

Check out the Giant Picture- tutorial! from Sugar Bee Crafts. Simple easy project to create large, statement, photo pieces.
Sugar Bee Crafts

Large photos and canvas prints are all the rage these days in home decor. They can quickly fill up a wall, make a statement, and show off your best photos. Unfortunately, these prints can also be very taxing on the decor budget.

Luckily, two bloggers have shared some insight on creating these masterpieces for less. Trendy Thrifting shared their guide to DIY Canvas Prints: High Impact, Low Cost, while Sugar Bee Crafts’ Giant Picture- Tutorial focuses more on matting and framing the photo.

To reduce costs and stick to their budgets, both utilized Staples Engineering Prints to create their decor items. These can be ordered online or picked up in a local store. Staples offers 3 sizes of prints, 18'' x 24'', 24'' x 36'', or 36'' x 48''. They range in price from as low as $1.79 to $7.29.

Beware: On their website, Staples list the Engineering Prints as unsuitable for photo prints. This issue was addresses on the Trendy Thirfting blog in the comment section.

Newlywedlegalese noted:

"My pictures turned out great despite that warning but I did just start with one picture as a test run before printing off all 3 just in case. I never had any issues uploading my pics. It may be related to the pixelation of the photos. My suggestion would be to transfer the photo to a thumb drive and take it to your local staples and have them print it off of that. I know it’s a bit more of a pain, but they may be able to have it printed by the time you go get your other supplies."

Your photos need to be black and white to print from Staples or another office supply store. Because these are engineering prints not photos, they are printed on regular computer paper with higher resolution and on much bigger paper.

Thanks to Pinterest, the popularity of these prints is quite common. The folks at Staples and other office supply stores should know exactly what you’re looking for when you go in.

Happy Crafting!

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