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DIY Pore Strips

Making these are really easy
Making these are really easy
Picture taken by Tami

Pore strips are one of the longest beauty trends that are around. Whenever you have a sleep over with you best girlfriends, you always happened to break those suckers out and apply them to you nose then squeal when you try and remove them. The best thing about them is they work about 98 percent of the time and remove all that dirt and grim from your face. Here is a really simple and easy way to make your own pore strips at home in less then five minutes.

The only tools you need are an egg, tissue, and a small brush. First you want to separate the egg from the yolk, you only want to apply the egg whites to your face. Egg whites are one of the best treatments to use on your face because not only do they help fight against fine lines, they can help reduce acne, rosacea, large pores and rashes. Apply the egg whites to your pre-washed face using the small brush, I used an old blush brush I wasn't using anymore. Next take your tissue, make sure its something that won't shred when you peel it off your face later, and start applying it to sections of your face. You're going to have to break the tissue apart here to get the smaller surfaces. After you apply your first tissue, it should stick to your face from the egg whites, so apply another layer of egg whites over the tissue. Do this all over your face until you're happy with the outcome.

Now you're going to wait 10-15 minutes or until the mask you made is dry. Once dried, start to peel your mask off. While doing this you're going to see the dirt and grim left over on the tissue. After all your mask is removed, use hot water to rinse the rest of the egg off your face.

Once I finished this mask there was a noticeable different in how clear my skin looked. It was also really soft and still is. Make sure you finish off with some good lotion to keep the moisture locked in.

There you have it, you made your own egg white pore strips or facial mask! Let me know how this worked for you and if you have something else you want me to try!