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DIY – Paper Fashions

Create a wearable fashion accessory from paper, like Mayhem!
Create a wearable fashion accessory from paper, like Mayhem!

If you don’t know Mayhem, you’re missing out on some AWESOME fashions! Mayhem is the 4 year old daughter of Angie, on Instagram that has made paper fashion, SO FABULOUS! Mayhem takes part in designing, creating and modeling the creations and they are so much fun! Ever want to create something so fab to wear on your own? Break out the paper and scissors…tape, glue and markers and create some “mayhem” in your own wardrobe!

Nutrejeweller has a “flower of the month” paper ring you can receive! These are so much fun and a great statement piece that just needs a little DIY by punching out of the paper and folding! Maybe with a little cardstock, try your hand at making some of your own!

There are some gorgeous scrapbook papers available. A Bird’s Leap has a cute tutorial using paper to make some earrings! Love the layered look of them and the possibilities are endless! Use a shaped stamp, glue them together, coat them in a shiny finish or glitter…use your imagination!

These paper doily flowers would be great brooches, hair pins, pendants! You can decide how to wear them! Twelve O Eight on Today’s Creative Blog has a super easy tutorial that give some beautiful life to those inexpensive paper doilies!

ECouterre has the neatest top hat, just in time for prom season! Designed by an architectural firm, the DIY shows how they recycled neat printed pages to make their unique accessory!

Enjoy your creations with your own fashion show!

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