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DIY nontoxic Lipstick from Crayola Crayons viral video

Pretty deadly. Crayola crayons are like the Legos of crayons there are millions of things you can do with them. You can use them as the base to make a million different things and they are not toxic. Crayola crayons are made especially for children to use so the makers of Crayola make sure they are nontoxic.
DIY nontoxic Lipstick from Crayola Crayons

If you have dogs or kids in your house one of them is going to eat a crayon, if not one several

Cruelty-free lipstick by any other name would be lipstick that doesn't harm the user. So what’s in your lipstick you are using right now? An article about testing that was done by the University of Berkeley’s School of Public Health, by USA Today this month speaks about the unspeakable, heavy toxic metals, including lead and chromium which leads to stomach cancer, are found to be in 75-percent of the lipstick products that were tested. All of the lipsticks on the market were not tested and the numbers can’t get any better. So unless you are buying your crayolas from the country that was making kids toys containing lead your lips are safe.

Safer and more colorful

Deadly American Beauty. The author of the study says there is no reason to panic. Kathrine Hammond goes on to say that indeed these heavy metals could cause health problems in the long run. The average user reapplies the sticky colorful essence all day long, for the color of it, if not for the moisturizing effect of it. There is reason to be worried. Out of the 32 tested 24 were found to have lead. Linda Lorenz of the Personal Care Products Council, defends some of these heavy metals are metals that occur naturally as it does in the soil and in your food.

Let the public decide for themselves

Beauty does not always feel beautiful. There must be something to this because Good Housekeeping wrote an article and named eleven lipsticks which did not contain lead for the beauties who do use it. Thank you GH.

DIY lipstick

Ingredients, coconut oil, crayons. You can use a double boiler, or a pot with a small dish in water like Sofia Styled does in the Youtube Video. You will need something to put your lipstick in to cool and use it from. Those Sunday through Saturday pill containers, small pots or tubes. Also on the web, women are using crayons for eye shadows.

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