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DIY Men's Gilded Age Hair From New York Fashion Week

Gilded Age Hair
Gilded Age Hair
Gilded Age Hair

Today we are learning from Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler Salon Stylist & Redken Grooming & Styling Expert the hottest new style for men featured in the Gilded Age FW14 Collection during New York Fashion Week.

"Edgar Allan Poe started an exploration of the heart of darkness that kick-started the art movement of symbolism, which inspired 20th-century surrealism, and, in turn, altered the direction of literature, arts and fashion." says Stefan Miljanic, Gilded Age Designer

"The look for Gilded Age had a poetic feel – keeping looking tailored but with a natural disheveled finish. This complimented the clothes beautifully as the collection is one of a poetic, tailored feel. This look works best when there is longer layers through the front area especially ." says Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler/Redken Stylist

Create the Look

  • Start by creating a natural side part.
  • On damp hair, use a blow dryer and use your fingers to maneuver the hair over to one side casually.
  • Redken For Men dishevel is is perfect for most hair types to create the finish for this look.
  • Use small amounts and starting at the crown work your way forward to the front to create this slight disheveled, poetic look.