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DIY how to make inexpensive table arrangements using branches, beads and a clear glass cylinder

crystals, sparkling and twinkling
crystals, sparkling and twinkling

I just saw the most beautiful table arrangements for a wedding - and it would be so easy for you to duplicate!

These are the ingredients:

*Thin branches and twigs, cut from shrubs and small trees. If there are any leaves, strip the leaves off so they are bare branches. Spray branches with your choice of color, these bare branches were then sprayed silver.

*Clear glass cylinder, filled 1/3 with polished river rock, or marbles, or sand. This wedding had used black polished river rocks.

*Strings of beads, color of your choice. This couple bought a clear plastic beaded curtain, cut into lengths then hot glued to make "necklaces". Very cost effective idea! Other thoughts would be to use a colr that is in your wedding.

Step one, fill cylinders 1/3 full with your choice of river rock, sea glass, sand.

Step two, insert branches into cylinder, using the sand or rocks to help keep branches upright.

Step three, drape the beaded necklaces all around the branches. Yuo may need a spot of hot glue so they don't slip down, or a thin piece of wire to keep in place. Have some loops drape over each other while others hang down. Placing candles nearby will cause the arrangments to glitter and twinkle and look absolutely fabulous!!!

There you have it, gorgeous arrangements that are fun, easy, cost effective and can be done in advance!


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