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DIY homemade foot bath: Give your feet that baby soft feeling again

Warm weather and a change in footwear can greatly make an impact on the condition of one’s feet. During the colder weather feet and wrapped in socks, shoes and boots with little to no air for them to breathe. With the warmer weather of spring and summer feet go though a change since many people tend to go barefoot, wear sandels, flip-flops or wear shoes without socks or stockings.

Give your feet that baby soft feeling again
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When feet aren’t wrapped up they do go more air and lose most of the moisture within from the weather as well as the escape of perspiration when contained in socks and shoes. When feet lose that moisture then tend to look and feel dry. They may also crack, get callaused and feel painful.

During the warmer months when you want to flaunt your feet and show off your painted toes it would be nice to have your skin look just as lovely. Keeping your skin moisturized and smooth is easy if you are willing to take at least ten minutes a week and indulge in a foot bath or soak.

To keep your feet looking smooth, callaus free and baby soft all you need is a little time and a homemade recipe you can do yourself that is sure to get that dead skin to just roll off. If your feet are in good shape it is also a good practice to soak them once a week to keep them looking their best.

Just mix together in a basin ¼ cup of Listerine without color if possible, ¼ cup of white vinegar and ½ a cup of warm water. The warmer the water the better. Then just sit down and soak your tootsies for 10 minutes. When the time is up use your hand or a soft foot brush to gently rub away any dead skin, callaused areas and dry spots. Pat your feet dry with paper towels. Then wash your feet with a gently soap and warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel and let your feet air dry completely. Once they are dry apply your favorite moisturizer or lotion and be on your way.

Your feet will look better and feel better. Now that they feel better it will also make walking easier and less painful.

Show off your feet during warn weather months and never be embarrassed again!

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