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DIY home improvement project: Wall Repair

All in one wall repair kit
All in one wall repair kit

We’ve all been there. A perfectly put together room gets ruined by a hole in the wall. Even when the hole is small, repairing it can be more effort or money than most people would like. However, it doesn’t have to be! There are ways to repair a hole in the wall all on your own, and nobody will ever need to know.

When you get a hole in your wall, your first instinct might be to call the drywall company. But there are DIY products on the market that supply you with everything you need to repair holes all on your own. One of these products is the 3M patch plus primer kit.

3M provided me with one of these kits for me to use and review. Below is more information on this products along with my thoughts. All of these opinions are my own, I was not compensated in any way to give positive feedback. The following DIY wall repair method is for a small hole (three inches or less).

The patch plus primer kit comes with everything you need to repair a small hole. So instead of running around the store or trying to find someone to tell you what you need, it’s all included in the kit. You get: a 4”adhesive patch, 3” putty knife, spackling compound, and a sanding pad.

Sure there are other repair kits out there, but this 3M kit is great because of the spackle that comes with the kit. The spackle is unique because it is a spackle and primer all in one! That means one less step for you. Once the repair kit is applied and dried (dries in 30 minutes), you can go ahead and repaint the area to match the rest of the room.

Not only is the priming aspect of the spackle convenient, but the drying time is only 30 minutes. If you have dealt with drywall spackle, you know the drying process can be tedious. To make matters worse, after waiting to it to dry it can crack or shrink. This 3M spackle doesn’t do any of that.

Need more reasons to love the new 3M patch plus primer kit? You can use it on multiple surfaces. The kit works on drywall, plaster, wood, stucco, and concrete.

Instead of spending all day or multiple days fixing that little hole in the wall, you can now fix it in just over 30 minutes. All you need to do is apply the adhesive patch to the hole, apply the patch plus primer with the putty knife, let it dry, and repaint the area. If you live in a humid area or are doing the repair on a hot day it may take longer than 30 minutes to dry, but it still goes quickly. For a step by step video click here.

Getting a hole in the wall use to be easy to acquire (tipping something over, moving fixtures, just an accident), but hard to repair. Now it doesn’t have to be. I found this 3M patch plus primer kit to be easy, fast, and effective. The product went on great, covered the hole, dried quickly like promised, and I believe it will hid the damage for the long run. I highly recommend the product.

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