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DIY false nails gone extremely wrong

Wheel of fake nails
Photo by: Janel L.

On March 21, Mail Online reported a scary manicure incident experienced by a teenage girl who completed a DIY set of false nails. Shortly after using store bought nail glue to adhere her fake nails, she experienced pain in one finger. Eventually, her finger became severely infected, resulting in an emergency amputation of the tip of her finger.

The teenager blames the incident on the nail glue she used, but according to Mail Online, beauty expert Louise Thomas-Minns, explained that it was more likely for the infection to come about due to improper preparation. Moisture, dirt or oil on the surface of natural nails can lead to an unhealthy and harmful application of false nails.

This is an unfortunate example of how a small, fairly common, DIY nail practice can go wrong. It can be fun to experiment with different nail trends on your own, but make sure to properly familiarize yourself with safe steps to take to avoid improper, insanitary nail procedures. Make sure your natural nails are clean and free of dirt and oil before false nails are applied.

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