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DIY deep conditioner: Six foods that make your hair shiny and bouncy

Bouncy shiny hair

Deep hair conditioner treatments from the salon can cost a fortune, yet are usually worth a dime a dozen because the results don't last. Why dole out all your hard earned cash when some of the best conditioners are sitting in your kitchen? Grab some of these items for your next girl's getaway weekend or girl's night at home. These work great at slumber parties as well!

Let’s take a look at six kitchen products that will make your hair look like you've been to a fancy salon. After all, when you look your best, you self-confidence will blossom like May flowers.

  1. Apple cider vinegar rinse: Product buildup overload can lead to a slow and pitiful “limp-fest” in your hair. To work some all natural magic, mix up two cups apple cider vinegar + 10 drops essential oil (tea tree for the flakes and chamomile for when you need a mental vaca) in a glass jar and set the mixture aside to let it do it's thing for at least two days. Using this rinse could not be easier; simply add a ½ tablespoon of the vinegar mixture to 1 cup of water and pour it through your hair right after you shampoo. Let your hair air dry and that’s it! The residue will be gone and your hair will feel as soft as a puppy’s coat.
  2. Beer rinse: Yes, beer is fabulous for you tired and lifeless tresses. It contains malt, which helps remove residue and strengths your scalp. Beer also has barley in it which will give you incredible shine and lots of bounce! Here’s what you do: shampoo your hair, pour a bottle of room temp beer over your hair and finally condition those gorgeous locks. Your hair will be ready for a fun Saturday night on the town.
  3. Mayonnaise: For our young readers, this is an age old remedy that really works. Is it gross? Yes. Will it make your hair soft with a brilliant shine? Yes. All you do is grab a bottle of mayo from your local store and go to town lathering up your hair with the white goop. Cover your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap. You want to seal in the moisture and the body heat your head naturally gives. You have 30 minutes to spare now, so go clip some coupons or work on those eyebrows. Now rinse the mayo completely out and be amazed with your silky and shiny hair.
  4. Honey: Honey in our hair? Oh yes readers, honey is a great conditioner that is a natural humectant. Use about ½ cup of honey on wet hair and let it sit for a good 20 minutes with a steamed towel wrap. A what? To make a steamed towel wrap: take a damp hand towel and throw it in one of those crazy jumbo plastic baggies that seal; with the zipper open, pop it into the microwave for 2-4 minutes and handle with care after you let it sit for a few minutes. You know it’s going to be hot, so don’t get all mindless and burn yourself. Wrap your hair with the steamed towel and let it sit until the towel cools and then rinse it out well. It’ll be messy, but totally worth it!
  5. Cornmeal or cornstarch: This is a great (and cheap) mixture for oily or greasy hair! And it’s really quite simple. Place the 1Tbs cornmeal or cornstarch into an empty shaker bottle (salt or pepper shakers work great). Now sprinkle the shaker until empty on hair and scalp. Wait for ten minutes and use a paddle hairbrush to brush it all out. You can repeat this every other day to keep the oily hair at bay.
  6. Avocado: Domestic divas and beauty experts swear by avocado. Avocado contains oils and proteins that blend the best nutrient combo a gal could ask for! This is not a good treatment for ladies with fine or limp hair as it works by smoothing and weighing down unruly hair. Girls with fine hair run at the mention of anything weighing down their hair. Mash up half an avocado and massage into washed, damp hair. Now let that sit in your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Add a powerful boost of moisturizer by combining mashed avocado with 1 to 2 Tbsp of sour cream or mayonnaise.

So many options, so little time! What sounds like a winner in your book? If you can't swing a trip to the salon or spa right now, pamper yourself at home with one of these fabulous deep conditioners. Cut up some cucumbers and place a slice over each eye and relax as the conditioner does it thing.

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