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DIY cupcake stand

DIY mirror cupcake stand

This glam DIY cupcake stand can be made with things found at your local dollar store. Go to your local dollar store and pick up 4 round or hexagon mirrors in extra-large, large, medium and small, 4 short glass candle stick holders and strong glue for glass. If you are unable to find pre-cut mirror places like Home Depot also sell small precut mirrors, or the mirrors can be replaced with plates.


  1. Apply crazy glue to the top of the candle stick holder and place the largest mirror on top of the candle stick holder. Hold the mirror firmly on top of the candle stick holder until the glue has set.
  2. Once the glue has set glue a candle stick holder on the top of the extra-large mirror in the center and place additional glue at the top of candle stick holder to attach the large mirror.
  3. Once the large mirror has set onto the extra-large mirror repeat step 2 with the medium and small mirror.
  4. Allow the mirrored cupcake stand to dry overnight before use.


  • 4 round or hexagon mirrors decreasing in size
  • 4 glass candle stick holders
  • Strong glue that will work on glass and mirror such as Krazy glue
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