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DIY Classroom Valentine's Cards

Help your children create unique Valentine's for their friends.
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Love is in the air. It’s that time of the year again. Valentine parties are being planned in classrooms everywhere. Hearts, flowers, and friendship crafts are decorating classrooms from elementary to high school. The stores have their Valentine kits ready to go. However, some of them can be quite pricy as well as unoriginal. The solution is to make your own. Your children will have a sense of pride to give truly unique Valentines to their friends.

Materials Needed


Contruction paper


Hole punch

Any variety of crafty supplies or trinkets

The Process

There are many free printables available online. Just type in “free printable Valentine” in your search engine. Print out your favorites on cardstock. Postcard size is recommended, however, there is no “right” size. You may even want to try out different sizes, and go really wild.

After you have printed out your cardstock designs, punch two holes about ½ inch apart. Make sure that it lines up well with your design.

Decorate the card with hearts, flowers, funny faces, what ever comes to mind. You can use many things for this step. Construction paper, stickers, even just plain glitter and glue. Your child can decorate it based on their interests as well as the interests of their friends.

When you have finished decorating your card allow all the glue to dry and then slip a pencil or lollipop through the holes punched.

Using scrapbook paper or construction paper you can make small envelopes to slip the Valentine card into and put, it can be addressed with “to and from”. You can also add any extra treats that you would like in the envelope.

Your child will have a great time making, as well as giving their creations to their friends. It is a wonderful activity to do during the cold, icy, no school days before Valentine’s Day. It also teaches them to think about what they are making and why the are giving it. In our society buying has become easier than making. It is a great treat to receive something handmade with love. It is also very rewarding to give something that you have created yourself. It is a good lesson for our children.

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