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DIY Blogs and Pinterest

All you need is a computer to access endless information on how to decorate your home.
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

It may seem as though interior designers are a rare breed these days. With so many eager and talented Do-It-Yourselfers out there, coupled with a sluggish economy, interior design has become a luxury service only the fortunate few who were not affected by the economical downturn can afford. However, Americans are resourceful, especially women. Women are simply just wired with an innate desire to create for ourselves and our families a beautiful home. And when there is a will, there is a way!

Enter the DIY blog. In recent years, average joe housewives (meaning without a formal interior design education) with great style and a knack for repurposing and refinishing old treasures started popping up everywhere. With their detailed step-by-step demonstrations and beautifully staged finished product pictures, every home decor hobbyist around the country was inspired to hop in the minivan and cruise the neighborhood garage sales for old junk they themselves could make beautiful. Some of these lucky ladies have become so popular they are now full-time bloggers making a living by documenting their adventures in repurposing. Click here and here to see two of my favorites. Click here for a local Colorado designer's blog.

Making these ladies even more popular, Pinterest now offers every decorating hobbyist with a computer a place to gather, sort and store all of these resources via virtual pin boards. Once one person "pins" a project, it is broadcast for everyone else logged in to Pinterest to see, and then pin again themselves. If you want to refinish an old desk, make your own headboard, or learn the proper way to hang your art, it's all there waiting for you to discover.


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