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DIY Birthday Calendar: Keep track of important birthdays with custom wall decor

Create a unique, family birthday calendar to display year round!
Create a unique, family birthday calendar to display year round!

Everyone is guilty of forgetting at least one family member’s birthday. Every year, we changed over organizers and planners, regretfully leaving someone’s second cousin twice removed off the list. We tend to argue that as long as we remember the main ones, Facebook will remind us of the others.

Instead of sending your 99th belated card this year to Cousin Jane (because she always notices you forget her big day), ditch the planner and Facebook reminders by creating this easy, DIY Birthday Calendar from Christiney’s Crafts. While it won’t help you get the cards in the mail, it’s a visual reminder of everyone’s birthday by month. Better to send the cards early than late.

DIY Birthday Calendar
24” long plank of wood
Vinyl letters or paint
2” circles- 1 per person
Various paint colors
Sharpie marker
Screw eyes

Unlike some bloggers, Christiney lists links for most of the materials she used, especially the more specific items. Most are available online, at a home store, or your local craft store.

After you've gathered your materials, putting your board together should be fairly simple. Make sure you get a good base paint on your wood before painting on your wording or applying your vinyl stickers. You might want to drill holes in your circles and paint them right away too.

In the post, Christiney explains how she color coded her circles based on extended families. What a great idea. Other bloggers have posted similar DIY projects, using only one paint color for their circles. It all depends on your home décor and personal preferences.

Happy crafting!

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