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DIY another Fashion Era – Faux Vintage

Take modern fashion and retro it for a vintage look
Take modern fashion and retro it for a vintage look
Stars for Streetlights

I have a friend that just complains about current fashion, she says she’s not made for today’s looks. I think a lot of us can sympathize with that statements. When you look back on the fashions that once were, you can see why some classic looks find their way back onto today’s runways (Hello, Peplums!)

So, to create some vintage from what you find today, let’s explore turning something “new” into a faux vintage piece! Ironically a really cute post came across my Tumblr today that inspired me to look for even more ideas!

Stacie with Stars for Streetlights shows how she took a very blinged out rhinestone necklace and “vintage-fied” it so nicely, she’s going to tackle some more pieces in her jewelry wardrobe.

Channel your inner “Charlie’s Angel” and grab your favorite Maxi dress! You’re starting with the perfect piece to turn into a great 70’s inspired pants suit! (Jumpsuit was another name they were recognized by as well) The palazzo pant type works perfectly with the full Maxi skirt! Traditionally, these are an ordeal to remove for restroom breaks, etc. But if that look is something you would love wearing, pick a solid or patterned dress from all the Shop Style has to offer, there are all under $50! Just follow Geneva’s DIY on the pants portion on A Pair and a Spare to complete your vintage look!

Modcloth just kills me, I love everything they carry and their sales are addicting! But their vintage inspired pieces are just great! But they are more than a storefront online, they share ideas and DIYs on their Blog and this one about handbags and embellishments is so easy, you can replicate some of the best vintage patterns on a “new” handbag so easily! Check out fun mod patterns online from sites like Can Stock Photo, for inspiration!

Need more inspiration? Check out the line of Style Me Vintage books, for hair, makeup and fashion how to's and inspiration!

What’s your favorite retro and vintage looks that you would like to make from our modern fashions?

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