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Dixie Longate sells her wares at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts April 7-18

Miss Dixie Longate (left) with Mario Betto (right)
Miss Dixie Longate (left) with Mario Betto (right)
Mario Betto

Move over Rubbermaid, Ziploc and GladWare. Miss Dixie Longate, America's #1 personal seller of Tupperware has left her 3 trailer-bound kids in Alabama to throw the ultimate Tupperware party in theaters nationwide.  Miss Longate, created and played by Kris Andersson, opened her show off-Broadway in 2007 and received a Drama Desk Award Nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance.

Miss Longate will be at The Abdo New River Room at The Broward Center from April 7th through the 18th.  Upon entering the cabaret/theater style performance space, Longate, clad in a red and white gingham dress complete with a cherry print apron (fiercely designed by herself), greets guests and hands out mints (in a Tupperware bowl of course). With true Southern hospitality, this Dixie diva welcomes and introduces herself to every guest before the show starts and invites guests to check out the Tupperware catalog and order form at each seat.

Miss Longate is hilarious and entertaining as she engages the audience with her airtight solo performance. This chatty container queen is energetic and tastefully naughty (too naughty for kids... so leave them at home).  Miss Longate interacts with the audience as she explores the many uses of  Tupperware containers of all shapes and sizes.  She offers storage options for "hot Dickens cider" and challenges the audience to "think outside my box". Sounds effects by Christopher Bond and Lighting by Richard Winkler add to the cheeky humour along with several B-movie snippets which are cleverly incorporated into the act.  A crowd fave is Miss Longate slowly mouthing Tupperware has  "a lifetime warranty" with a close-up of her lips on a large screen. Longate's quick wit and natural talent for improvisation coupled with thoughtful direction by Patrick Richwood seal a solid performance.  

Dixie gets personal towards the end of the show and tells a touching story of overcoming her obstacles and limitations imposed by others.  Brownie Wise who invented the Tupperware party is the inspiration behind Dixie's can do, girl power message. She embraces the audience and through her journey tells us that "you matter". Miss Dixie Longate, the feeling is mutual.  You matter.

For tickets visit or call 954-462-0222. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is located at 201 SW Fifth Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl  33312.  The venue also has a full bar and yummy eats (no need to eat before the show). Included on the menu are Rock of Ages Risotto Balls, South Pacific Crab Cakes, Wicked Wings and Jersey Boy Sliders.

Ticket prices are $29, $39 and $49 for those bold few who dare to be seated in the cushy loveseats onstage.  

To find out more about Miss Dixie Longate or to order some Tupperware, visit her website at .


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