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Divorced? Time to step out on your own.

Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  It's time to step out with confidence!
Look in the mirror. What do you see? It's time to step out with confidence!

It’s been a while since your not-so-recent divorce. You may have noticed people are starting to leave you alone. For better or worse, they’re leaving you alone. In a way, that may feel relieving that you’re not the center of attention anymore. On the other hand, that may feel a little frightening or unsettling that you’re really alone. Not that you don’t have friends or family to support you in times of need but for the most part, the hovering crowds have gone on now that the crisis has passed…. Or something else has attracted their attention!

Don’t let this aloneness haunt you. Don’t start second-guessing yourself. Left alone, the mind starts to race back and forth into all kinds of creepy corners that are full of ghosts from the past and fears of the future. Instead, take the future into you own hands and step out with confidence.

The weekend is here so enjoy the sun and fun that’s waiting for you right here in Lawrence. Hit the city pool. Check out the Lawrence Community Theatre production of “Curtains” starting next week. See what seasonal ingredients can stir your culinary imagination at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market and, if you’re feeling nostalgic, take in a free Cary Grant movie at the Downtown Lawrence’s Summer Film Festival. Chances are you’ll see someone you know and they’ll be glad to see you… and to see that you’re getting back in the swing of life!

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