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Divorced Dads and Mother's Day
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Mother's Day is not an easy holiday for dads who are divorced. Helping the kids plan events for this day and keeping one's cool throughout the process can actually be quite an art.

It's important that dads remember to focus on their children during the Mother's Day weekend and as they help kids buy or make gifts, plan events with an ex or get them where they need to be on Sunday or even beforehand.

Check out these best practices for ensuring a great Mother's Day for your children, and a more peaceful one for yourself.

Be Transparent and Respectful: It's best to keep your kids in mind. Don't use this time as an opportunity to bring up past affairs, arguments or legal complications.

Help with Gifts as Needed: This is a perfect opportunity to show your children just how much they can rely on you and how helpful you can be when it comes to events like this one. Plan to help them select gifts or cards, or to facilitate any projects they are putting together.

Do This for the Kids: It really is vital to think about your children during this holiday. Even if this date was originally intended to be your parenting time, it's important to think about what your children want and what is in their best interest here.

Treat Yourself: If your kids are with their mother, your ex, on Mother's Day or even for the entire weekend, make sure to recognize and respect yourself as well.

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