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Divorce settlement may start healing process for Siohvaughn Funches

Siohvaughn Funches has had to deal with the ending of her family in a very public way.
Siohvaughn Funches has had to deal with the ending of her family in a very public way.
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On Tuesday, Huffington Post, Good Morning America and TMZ announced that a settlement was finally reached in the divorce case of Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. The two had been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle since 2007.

Days before the settlement, Funches sat on the street with a cardboard box sign that led people to believe she was homeless. The fallout from Funches's display has come in droves. Yesterday on Charlotte's CBS radio program, No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse, the host asked if Funches had gone too far.

Is Funches mentally ill or heart-broken?

A number of callers responded that Funches's actions were over the top and signs of mental illness. One caller said, "she did what she had to do." A resounding theme with the host was that Funchess was "crazy" and took it too far.

Wade and Funches were childhood sweethearts and he lived with Funches and her family when he was a teenager. They were married in 2002 and had two children, the second born in May 2007. With Wade's basketball prowess, they shifted from two young people from Chicago to an NBA power couple almost over night.

Wade won his first NBA championship title in 2006, after only three years in the NBA. Wade filed for divorce in 2007 and shortly thereafter was rumored to have a relationship with actress Gabrielle Union. Union and Wade kept their alleged romance undisclosed for some time before going public with it in 2008.

Funches went from marrying her childhood sweetheart to soon-to-be ex-wife only months after giving birth to she and Wade's second son. Emotionally, that is a lot for anyone to handle. Funches has publicly struggled with the ending of her marriage and separation from her children. Wade gained sole custody in 2011.

What person would not be emotionally and psychologically damaged after the break up of his or her family? Having it happen in public, and seeing your mate move on in such a public way is not only heart-breaking, but it may in fact lead to an emotional and mental break down.

Taking this emotional state into a court room can, and often does, lead to more emotional strife and mental stress. Being emotional often does not bode well in court proceedings. Court cases are driven by evidence and logical thought. It is most difficult to display rational and logical thought when you are highly emotional.

To judge Funches's actions without assessing the emotional toll she has been under is unfair. However, now that the divorce has been settled, she may be able to stop battling in order to get herself back together and whole. In order to have a better relationship with her sons, it is a must that she takes charge of her life and have some emotional healing.

Court proceedings are often contentious and confusing. Unfortunately for many, they serve to further instability and increase strife if not entered into soberly and with good judgment. Usually when court cases end, people are able to gather themselves because the fight is over.

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