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Divorce: Don't Get Caught Up in Unfair Custody Tactics with Child Custody

(Original story by Julie Garrison)

It's not easy going through divorce, especially when children are involved. Custody battles can get ugly quickly, and unfortunately, it is usually the children in the story who suffer the most during the miniature wars.

If you are currently involved in custody negotiations, then it's important that you keep track of any unfair custody tactics that get thrown your way. This is considered parental alienation, and the Court takes these actions seriously.

Check out this list for some important ones that are used quite often.

-Withholding or interfering with visitation rights. This can be done by cancelling visitations at the last minute, making a parent wait by showing up late, etc.

-Interfering with the other parent's participation in the child's activities

-Restricting communication between the child and other parent via phone, email, social media, more

-Keeping important health information about the child secret and not disclosing with the other parent

-A sudden move that takes that parent and the respective children farther away

-Attempts to falsely accuse the other parent of violence or anything else

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