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Divorce depression discussed following Demi Moore's 911 call

Ashton and Demi, 2008
Ashton and Demi, 2008
Wikimedia Commons

Actress Demi Moore's physical and emotional health seems to be in decline following her November breakup with husband, Ashton Kutcher. This morning, friends of the actress placed a 911 call from her Beverly Hills home, reporting that Moore was feverish, convulsing, unable to speak, and breathing abnormally. These dramatic symptoms occured after she had allegedly smoked something, although the substance has not been released to the press.

Today's unfortunate report suggests that Moore, like so many others, may have turned to a substance in order to cope with life. Moore recently sought professional help for exhaustion and health improvement, and her life is presumably exhausting: she can currently be seen in 2 recent films; she's a mother of 3; and her very public 7 year marriage to Ashton Kutcher (famously 16 years her junior) is reportedly ending due to infidelity.

What toll does a breakup take on your health?

The end of a relationship can be interpreted by our bodies in the same way as the death of a loved one. A sense of profound loss overcomes us. We struggle to accept that our lives have changed permanently. The person we used to turn to in times of emotional turmoil is not only gone, but also seems to be the source of our pain. Emotional pain can cause physical pain, fatigue, and a hopelessness that, if perpetuated, can lead to clinical depression. It is vital that we summon our own inner strength, or seek help from friends, family, or therapy, in order to resist unhealthy means of coping with pain.

How can I stop the emotional pain of a breakup?

First, respect the fact that the loss of a loved one is a profound life event. You have every right to mourn, and it's normal to have trouble adjusting to a new reality. Your goal is to allow these emotions to run their course without spending too long in despair or engaging in any of the many forms of self harm. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself, no one else's. Choose health.

There are as many positive ways of coping with pain as there are individuals.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to refueling your spirit with positivity. For some, prayer or meditation may awaken the part of ourselves that knows this feeling of despair can be temporary if we open ourselves up to the immense goodness that exists in the universe. Exercise and an encouraging new healthful diet increases our endorphins, pumps our body with energy, and boosts our self-confidence. Spending time with family and friends reminds us that we have not lost all love. Talk, write or sing about your experience. Believe that it is possible to feel better. Strive to find healing, empowerment, and peace.

To all those experiencing the difficulties that divorce or a breakup entails, please know that you're not alone, and that you can overcome this negativity if you decide to choose health. Be kind to yourself. Best wishes to the beautiful and talented Demi Moore in particular today; may she recover quickly and be happy.

For more on Demi Moore's story, check out the Washington Post's report.

For more on how divorce affects your health, check out this article in Divorce Magazine. (See, how could you be alone if "Divorce Magazine" exists?)


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