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Divorce Corp. documentary exposes family law system

Divorce Corp., a documentary billing itself as "the groundbreaking expose of the US Family Law System," will premiere in theaters on January 10, 2014. According to a press release about the film, "Dr. Drew Pinsky, the host of “Dr. Drew” on HLN, narrates with interviews with fifty-four family law experts and people who share their stories." The documentary opens in fifteen cities in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. A trailer is available to view on youtube.

Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Founder and Chair of National Parents Organization is quoted in the release as believing, "This film has the potential to accelerate the family court reform movement. This is an opportunity for people of good faith to unite to save our children from the ravages of a morally corrupt system.We need to rally around this opportunity to tell the story so many of us know all too well."

"Divorce Corp is the most powerful cinematic indictment of the family courts yet produced. It is especially strong in tracing how high attorney fees, custody evaluation fees and other fees corrupt the original intent of the family courts. If you ever wanted a lesson in how the family courts create a winner-take-all siege mentality among divorcing parents, here it is.

The film is directed by Joseph Sorge, a first time writer/director who became interested in the subject of divorce after experiencing the family court system first hand. The film is produced by Philip Sternberg.

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