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Division of the sexes: where is the line really drawn?

A statement on unequal pay in the workplace.
A statement on unequal pay in the workplace.

From the beginning of time, men and women have been treated and viewed as vastly different. While there are large numbers of people of both sexes who argue that everyone is already treated equally, these differences are clearly exemplified in the household, job front and particularly, the media. No matter what your view on the ongoing fight for equality amongst the sexes, we can all agree on one thing: objectification of sex still plays a tremendous role in the media.

Commercialization especially, thrives on the portrayal of scantily dressed, young beautiful women, who lend their bodies in order to market a product. This "marketing technique" can be seen at almost any time of the day, ranging from cartoon networks to news stations. Men also deal with their share of pressuring advertisements, such as Axe or "personal enlargement" pills. However, these commercials have one important factor in common with the previous issue; with the end of these painful advertisements, comes the unspoken promise of a socially approved beauty.

Sex of course is not the only degrading use of female models in advertising. If you ever feel like performing an experiment, try sitting at home from noon to four one day during the week, and watch daytime TV. During a commercial break, pay close attention to the advertisements during this period. Due to the numbers of women who work at home with children, and have household responsibilities, there are literally hundreds of commercials on during this time to market cleaning products etc.

This could be considered appropriate due to the previously mentioned household responsibilities, however, in nearly every single one of these commercials, there is some 1950`s looking housewife cleaning the kitchen, children `s room, bathroom etc. Now here we are in 2010, two years after having been closer to electing a female president, then ever before and the bottom line is: we have clearly come a long way past this "good wife, good house keeper" mentality.

Until men stop feeding into this blatant objectification and women stop using their bodies in order to sell and make money, men and women will never be viewed as equal in this world. Men will continue to dominate, and it will prove to continue this current trend of degradation, unequal pay, and general lack of equivalent respect amongst the sexes.


  • Sherry 5 years ago

    nice work Megan

  • michelle 5 years ago

    very well written articles. I have read both of them and they are very well educated and researched articles. Very nice work Megan, keep it up.

  • Cathy 5 years ago

    Nice article. It's sad though that this website proves your point. To the right I see an ad for weight loss (obese pic to sexy pic) and an ad for "African
    Romance" whatever that means.

  • Amber 5 years ago

    Unfortunately it is not only men that objectify women... Women do a good job themselves as a means to an end as well.

  • Dianna 5 years ago

    Very true & so well written!

  • Mandi 5 years ago

    Maybe men will always dominate in the aspect of money,
    but ultimately one could say it is the women that has
    control over man. As all we have to do is show a little
    leg and we have them eating out of the palm of our hands.

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